DoMor Equipment-R600C Spreader & Dura-Graders

CA-96If you can drive a tractor, you can grade your road or drive! DoMor Equipment is the solution for quality built road construction and road maintenance attachments.  Our line of Dura-Graders are the perfect attachment for those needing to grade their driveway, road, alleyways, parking lots and more.  These durable, dependable skid steer and tractor grader attachments have been manufactured for years. They are designed to get the job done quicker than other attachments. The DoMor Equipment Dura-Graders are also much less expensive to operate than a motor grader.

Whether you are wanting to grade with a tractor or skid steer, DoMor Equipment has the unit for you.  The Dura-Grader was the first unit to offer a dual, adjustable blade design, and is more effective than the competition.  All Dura-Graders come with a one-year warranty on parts and labor. 11813437_931100673616838_693871300713676919_n

SSHA Series Dura-Grader>

Multi-Purpose Grader.

R600C Aggregate Spreader>

R600C Aggregate Spreader in action. Save time, money and materials!!!Aggregate spreader, mechanical spreader putting down base.

Combo Series Grader. Works with tractor or skid steer. Perfect for grading roads, drives and parking lots.
Combo Series Grader >

Perfect Grader for Driveways, Roads, Lots, etc.
Make any SS Series Grader a Combo by adding our 3pt hitch.

SSF Series Dura-Grader >

Perfect for rough & fine grading.


HA Series Dura-Grader >

Makes grading driveways, lanes or roads simple.