EZ Series Grader

EZ Series Dura-Grader

The EZ Series grader is our most affordable grader. It’s slightly lighter design allows it to be used with compact and utility tractors as well as full size tractors and is designed to work on all category 1 three-point hitches.

The EZ Series Dura-Grader is designed to work with minimal 3 pt. lift control and allows anybody to achieve professional grading results. The angled blades give you the ability to return material back to the road from the shoulder and crown roads quickly.


3” rugged tube steel design: The rugged ¼” thick tube steel design will give you years of dependable service and requires almost no maintenance.

Twin blade Flow through design allows material to pass up and through the grader for even redistribution

High carbon cutting edge: Every Dura-Grader is equipped with the same cutting edges that are found on commercial motor graders.

Brings your existing material back to the surface without the need to buy more rock.

Pre-formed side pans allow material to flow through fluidly

Cuts even the hardest packed surfaces

Fixed Blade Angle:Cutting edges on an angular pitch for crowning roads

Quick hitch compatible: Comes with two pre-drilled holes for the top link pin, giving you the versatility of hitching to any category 1 tractor with a quick hitch.

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HA Series

EZ Series Dura-Grader Weight
(lbs.) Recommended HP. Width
(in.) Height
(in.) Length
(in.) Blade Width
EZ-60 485 lbs. 25 HP. 65 in. 32 in 48 in. 5ft.
EZ-72 520 lbs 30 HP. 77 in. 32 in. 48 in. 6ft.
EZ-84 565 lbs. 35 HP. 89 in. 32 in. 48 in. 7ft.