Pothole Blues?


Winter around the mid-west is synonymous with many things; cold, wind, snow, ice and more cold. But there is another side effect of winter that can be just as chilling... road damage.

Roads and driveways during the winter time can take a beating, especially unpaved surfaces. Constant traffic on gravel & dirt roads during the freeze/thaw cycle can cause potholes, rutting, and more. The damaged roads then turn their attention to pummeling your vehicles front-alignment, leaving you frustrated and typically with a little less money in your pocket.

Winter weather can cause other problems with gravel roads, driveways, and parking lots as well. Large amounts of snow on these surfaces needs to be cleared to make transportation easier, and this task is usually accomplished by plowing. Plowing not only removes snow but also tends to eliminate things like, well, gravel. So now you are faced with multiple problems when the cold begins to subside, and flowers start to bloom.

Often people turn to hiring someone with a motor grader to come through and rehab the road. Unfortunately, repairs to the roads could take weeks as it all depends on the schedule and availability of the grader operator. Another downside is cost. For private driveways, lanes or parking lots, there is the added issue of the out of pocket expense for this service. Plus there is the cost of the gravel that has been buried or cast off during the winter.

SSHA Dura-Grader
SSHA Series Dura-Grader

DoMor Equipment is proud to present an alternative to hiring the job out. We manufacture a high-quality line of graders for skid steers, tractors and even trucks/SUVs. Our line of Dura-Graders were the first attachment on the market to feature a dual blade design and to offer the ability to adjust your blades.

HA Series Dura-Grader with optional Rear Gate
The rugged Dura-Grader will cut out ruts and potholes in your road or drive vs. only filling them in with loose dirt that has been gathered by other attachments. The twin blades sit approximately 3/4" below the bolt-on replaceable skid shoes, which allows the Dura-Grader to cut into the ground with each pass. This dual blade design also helps return compacted rock to the surface of the road or drive and mixes it before laying it at behind the grader. Many are surprised to discover the amount of buried rock that is reclaimed, thus eliminating the unneeded expense of purchasing more aggregate.

DoMor manufactures graders to fit the needs of many. Our versatile product line features models for compact tractors, larger tractors, skid steers and even trucks or SUVs. Our popular Combo unit is designed to work with tractors & skid steers.

Contact us to learn more about the attachment that gets the job done in 1/2 the time of a box blade or bucket.