R600C Aggregate Spreader


The R600c mechanical spreader is the only road building attachment that gives you the ability to accurately spread base material from 10 ½’—16’ wide and 2”—22” deep.

For over 30 years the R600c has helped contractors and municipalities reduce aggregate spreading expenses and deliver superior results in less time. The R600c easily attaches to dozers and wheel loaders and the self-contained hydraulic system allows you to independently set each side of the moldboard for precise adjustments to achieve exact material depth and your desired crown. Nicknamed “The Rock Box”, the R600c is built to give you years of base spreading service with minimal maintenance required. Specified by the Army Corp. of Engineers, the heavy duty R600c spreader is the ideal material spreading machine for levees, airport runways, rural roads, highways, and any job requiring quick and efficient dispersal of material.




Adjustable spread depth from 2”–22”: The R600c allows you to work with aggregate up to
2” in diameter as well as set your spread depth up to 22”.


Folding side gates allow you to spread material from 10 ½’–16’ wide: The folding side gates
give you the ability to select your spread width in 1‘ increments; up to 16’ wide.


“V” shaped curved moldboard: Rolls material across the full width of your spread and
continually mixes your aggregate to drastically reduce segregation while retaining the
moisture content, the curved design also reduces resistance when pushing.


Independent moldboard side height control: Each side of the moldboard is independently
controlled to give you superior control of your spread depth and crown.


Self-contained hydraulic system: Moldboard adjustments are achieved from the self-contained
hydraulics and are easily operated by two valve controls and a single hand pump.


Slotted cutting edges: Set the angle of your cutting edges to evenly spread material or setup to a 3% crown.


Individually adjustable wheel assemblies: Adjust your wheels to accommodate curbs, second
passes, or lock the wheels in position to achieve true runs.


Hitches to both dozer blades and wheel loader buckets: Our unique hitch design allows you
to easily and quickly attach the R600c to numerous pieces of machinery in only minutes.


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    • Reduce material loss
    • Maintains moisture content
    • Eliminate material segregation
    • Two ways to crown roads
    • Requires fewer laborers than conventional methods
    • Attaches to your existing equipment in 20 minutes
    • Works with dozers and wheel loaders
    • Accepts tandem trucks and up to mid-size off road trucks


Compatible with bulldozers and wheel loaders: Requires a minimum of 125 horsepower

General Machine Specifications:

  • Weight: 7500 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 8 ft. 5 in.
  • Overall Width: 11 ft. 4 in.
  • Overall Height: 4 ft. 5 in.
  • Inner Length: 78 in.
  • Inner Width: 126 in.
  • Minimum HP: 125
  • Spread Minimum: 10.6 ft.
  • Spread Maximum: 16 ft.